Top Ten Must Haves for Your College Dorm Room

Wall Stickers 

Hey, just cuz you’re stuck in a stuffy old dorm room doesn’t mean you can’t get funky with your walls. OK so colleges don’t encourage creativity when it comes to painting dorm walls but that’s the great thing about wall graphics, they’re not permanent. They’re super easy to apply, no special glue or anyting like that and when your saying saynora for the summer you just peel them right off.


A microwave will help to kill those hunger pains in between meals. If you’re room is small or you just have a lot of junk, you might want to consider this mini version available from SkyMall.


Lap Desk

You’re going to be clocking in a lot of hours writing papers and you’re not always going to want to sit at a desk to do it. The great thing about this lap desk is its versatility. It will not only keep your laptop nice and cool while pulling an all-nighter but it also turns into a convient nightstand too. And the side compartment is great for keeping books and papers handy for when you need them.

Shower Caddy

Trust on us on this one, you’re gonna need this. Unless you’re one of the lucky ducks with a bathroom in your room, you’re going to spend a lot of time trotting back and forth to the facilites. So you’ll want to keep all of your shampoos, soaps and lotions in one haddy tote. We like this one we found on Amazon. It’s collapsible for easy storage and the mesh construction means you can take it in the shower with you.

Alarm Clock

Remember you don’t get a grade if you don’t show up to class. And unless you have an infalliable inner clock, you better get yourself a damn good alarm. The iHomeAlarm Clock Radio for iPod will wake you up in the morning, charge your iPod and provide you with tunes loud enough to annoy your neighbors. 



In A small dorm room, one thing you’ll never have enough of is storage. By using over the door storage hangers to hang clothes, store shoes or stack books you’ll save tons of closet space. It also helps to keep your dorm room nice and tidy too.


Dorm lighting is the worst! So bringing a lamp that will help make your dorm feel a little bit more like home. This lamp has built in shelves to help you keep track of all those school books.

Laundry Hamper

Laundry is one of the unfortunate side effects of an active college life. And whether you do it at the local laundromat or cart it home to your mom, you’ll need a hefty hamper. This Pop-Up Hamper with Wheels from Bed, Bath and Beyond has some great features that will help laundry day go much smoother. It’s collapsible so you can tuck it away when it’s empty. And a shoulder strap and handle makes it easier to carry but if you don’t have the muscle it also has wheels. Truly a godsend for those times when your laundry day is way over due.

Dorm Fridge

There is nothing tastier than an ice cold…we’ll say soda, after a long day of classes. The refrigerator is essential for any dorm room worth it’s salt. Great for keeping beverages and snacks cold and this one has a seperate freezer section for ice cream!


Message Board

A message board will become an invaluable tool in keeping your college life organized. The cork board is great for holding pictures, reminders or reciepts. And the dry erase section is a good way to let your college roommate know the address to that kegger.


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