Jaguar Motorcycle by Barend Hemmes

We mistakenly credited this bike to Lee J Rowland, but lucky for us someone pointed out that it is not a Rowland creation. Unfortunately for us, it was the bike maker, Barend Hemmes himself who did the pointing! Ok we’re big enough to admit when we have made a mistake. We should have done more research. We totally understand why he would be a little peeved his bike didn’t  get proper credit. If we spent dozens of hours creating such an awesome masterpiece we’d be pissed too if someone else was getting the accolades for it. OK we could play the chick card on this one but we’re just gonna take the lumps.  He was actually really cool about it. Thanks Barend! So with our sincere apologies to Barend Here is what we should have written:

Super bike pioneer Barend Hemmes (along with Polar cycles of Doncaster UK) has designed what we’re sure is the world’s first ever Jaguar Motorbike. We can only imagine the amount of work it took to create this bad boy but we think it was worth or every minute. We would love to terrorize the neighborhood on it unfortunately for us we never did pass that motorcycle test.

Jaguar? We’re not talking about the brand here folks, no it’s literally a motorbike with a jaguar shaped head. We have to admit it’s pretty bad ass but you better be rich and tough, the bike sports a  £290,000 price tag.

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9 thoughts on “Jaguar Motorcycle by Barend Hemmes

  1. Lee J Rowland Is not responsible for the design let alone the manufacturing. I AM the design and work in conjunction with Polar cycles of Doncaster UK check out my site

    Whom is every writing this get your facts straight.
    Thank you.

  2. JT at -

    If you like dick you will love this bike

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