The Bush Urinal. Don’t Throw Your Vote Down the Toilet!

You may remember Clark Sorensen’s fancy floral urinals from one of our previous posts,  Design Inspiration: Offensiveness. Well he’s moved on from flowers and is now making Bushes! Taking inspiration from the state of the nation, Sorensen recently unveiled his newest creation, the Presidential Toilet. What better way to give citizens an opportunity to let President George W Bush know what they really thought of his policies over the last 8 years!

We hope everyone will get out and vote tomorrow.

Thanks Cool Buzz.

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7 thoughts on “The Bush Urinal. Don’t Throw Your Vote Down the Toilet!

  1. trimtab21 at -

    I think I’ll wait till the day I can piss on his grave!

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  3. I enjoyed your point of view… finally someone said the right thing! 🙂 Would you mind terribly if I place a link back from my site at

  4. takesthelong way at -

    Where can I get an Obama toilet?
    That would be appropriate.

  5. trace13 at - Author

    Some may agree with you, unfortunately. As for me, I think he’s having a difficult time cleaning up Bush’s mess!

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