One Rug Over Easy with a Side of Sofa, Please.

All this rug is missing is a side of bacon! In the animated words of Homer Simpson, mmmm…bacon. The whimsical rug is actually a luxurious shag with two leather pillows that resemble egg yolks. The rug is just one piece in architect/designer Valentina Audrito’s Le Uova de Leon collection.

Thanks to our pal at Worleygig for this delicious post.

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6 thoughts on “One Rug Over Easy with a Side of Sofa, Please.

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  3. Eric at -

    That is a great rug — where can I buy this rug? Please post and let me know. Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate it.


  4. trace13 at - Author

    I am not sure how you would purchase the rug-but you might check with the designer of the rug. Just click on the designers name above.

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