The Folding Greenhouse, Perfect for Small Spaces!


We would love to have a greenhouse in our backyard, biggest issue? We are city dwellers who barely have room to move in our small flats, let alone enough space for backyard gardening!  This concept greenhouse by Dutch designer Daniel Schipper makes the most of of what little outdoors one might have in the city-the balcony. Now, not everyone has a balcony but what about a fire escape? Dangerous we know, but come on it’s free space!


The greenhouse is light-weight and  flexible making it suitable for small spaces. The pieces are modular, so you can add to your portable greenhouse as your urban garden grows.

via Apartment Therapy

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4 thoughts on “The Folding Greenhouse, Perfect for Small Spaces!

  1. This is truly very cool, but I would imagine that placing something this size (or any size really) on a fire escape would certainly be against code, and therefore illegal. Sadness. P.S. why doesn’t Comment Luv work on my blog links anymore?

  2. My son told me to check out your blog and I must say I’m impressed, very helpful.

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  4. I thought I had seen most greenhouse ideas before but this concept is truly unique. Even if you don’t have a large space you should be able to find a place for this neat little greenhouse. If nothing else lots of room for herbs for your kitchen.

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