Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009


We are in Stockholm, Sweden this week covering the Stockholm Furniture Fair and Northern Lights Fair, the world’s largest trade fairs for Nordic design and lighting industries.


Our favorite part of any design show is the young designers and we hope to feature some of them here in the next several days. This year’s exhibition is called Ung 7,”ung” meaning “young” and since this is the 7th year the exhibit has run…well you get the picture.  We’ve  been  blow away with what the new generation of designers has to offer and we can’t wait to share some of their designs with you!


So stay tuned for more exciting designs from Sweden and the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009

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5 thoughts on “Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009

  1. Nancy Tyler at -

    from the images, i see two things that caught my eye. the halv spheres with grass (what is it?) and the pink and black/greyish “thing” in the upper right corner. is it a room divider or what is it? I have no idea that the two things are, but i think they´re beautiful =)

  2. caroline carlsson at -

    The pink/greyish thing IS in fact a room devider! Made by Tobias Svensén from University of Kalmar, Sweden. I think you can get more info at
    Take care.

  3. trace13 at - Author

    Thanks Caroline! It takes so long to sort through my emails I forgot to answer. Lucky for me, I have knowledgeable readers! Thanks so much for stopping by MUL!

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